Some have asked what The Beautiful Ending is all about. It’s a retake of Romans 8:18, which says

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us!”

It’s basically telling us that the hope we have for our future with Christ is so fantastically brilliant that everything that causes us torment in this world is nothing in comparison!

The Beautiful Ending is an effort to engage the masses and get the world to lift it’s eyes to what is ahead.  It’s the honest truth about humanity and our filthy little world, repainted in a way that reminds us that there is beauty even in our pain, and in The End it’s all worth it!

The Beautiful Ending is about stepping back and looking at life in such a way that your eyes blink and tear, like staring into the sun… It’s about embracing the notion that our days are numbered and swiftly passing, but living them in such a way that the end is more beautiful than the beginning, that death is more glorious than life, that our last breath makes our first breath proud.

People who embrace the beauty of the ending look at their lives, all their glory and shame, and say through a smile and sigh of relief, “Yeah, that was me!”.  This is not for everyone.  The vast majority of people prefer to look at the ground in front of them, day by day their goal is to keep from tripping, and maybe move forward a couple of steps.  The prefer the mediocre, the melancholy, the lie.  It takes a certain kind of person to say with a smile “I am going to die”, but if this is you, if you can run even faster toward the cliff because you want to fly, instead of stopping out of fear that you wont, then join us!  It’s going to hurt, but I promise you it’s all worth it!  This mess is going to beautiful!

IF you’re up for it, if you can handle it, support The Beautiful Ending!

PLEASE- PLEASE – PLEASE – Here are 4 ways WE can change the world!

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That’s it! I’m not asking for your money, just your support!

If we get enough people maybe we’ll all get stickers or something..


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