4 comments on “Dressed up as Deity

  1. Wow…. I appreciate your boldness. Although I agree that the priority is that God be glorified and not me or any individual, the Bible does say it is “…for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

    While I don’t disagree with you, to say that the priority is that God be glorified can sound somewhat egotistical. I once heard an illustration as to how God’s priority of being glorified is actually not egotistical. The illustration went something like this: If we go to an art gallery to see a particular masterpiece people have raved about, but get distracted within the gallery, and the masterpiece calls out and says, “Hey! Hey, look at me! Isn’t this why you’re here?” The masterpiece isn’t being egotistical to call out to us; it wants us to be blessed and fulfill our purpose for being there. So when God is glorified, it is for our good and the good of the Kingdom, because He is the best we could ever hope for. If it were not for Him being glorified and calling out to us, we would miss the most glorious, awesome relationship we could have! But yeah, we do live in a ‘me’ focused selfish generation, so it’s good to be reminded that it’s not about us; it’s about Him. Thank you, Ryan.

    • Exactly, all things work for Gods glory=the good of his kingdom and the Church, not for MY good according what I want for christmas… all things do not work together to make me happy… for some, “work together for good” has meant death as a martyr or torture or concentration camps.. Too many people take it to mean their idea of what would be good for them, instead of the Church.

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