6 comments on “Plastic Chairs

  1. “we don’t learn to grow up and carry the world” or His Word. I am encouraged though that He does have an army of men out there. There is still hope. Still men of God training up more men of God. Even if it only came down to one man still there – that is hope. Look what one Man did for all the world. Following the example of Paul in making Disciples – one by one. It is such a joy and blessing, seeing in our fruits, of having raised up our sons as He planned. That they will raise up their children “in” Him too. We are so thankful that though Him – we broke the cycle we were raised in.

  2. Fantastic heart wrenching post!

    May our Lord have His way and be the Father these men and boys that never had daddy’s that feared and love the Lord!

    In Jesus Name I bless you!

  3. Wow…. so true. What a great analogy! But so sad. It is refreshing to see younger men, like you, realizing the value in old things that are worth holding onto, and maturing into the man God intended instead of living like a kidult. Would it be okay if I reblog this?

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