6 comments on “Just Lay There

  1. I thought I was following you. I am now. I KNOW that I am being guided, loved and protected. There is a right time to do things and a wrong time as well. If it feels wrong it is wrong. When the right time to do something arrives you just have to do it at that moment. Things start to go wrong when others are controlling your life with timetables and their wants. Go with your flow. Hugs and love. Ralph x

  2. Wow… Isn’t it ironic that the sucker punches in life are more likely to be a source of inspiration because of the deep emotion they evoke and the things we learn if we would but be still for a moment and stop raging or pretending it didn’t happen? What a great analogy!

    • It’s usually in my business that I think I can do things on my own… sometimes God has to allow me to get knocked out to get me to stop and listen! When I’m busy or comfortable I get lazy and distracted.. I need to learn to keep focus on the right things, even when life is hectic! Glad you appreciated the word picture, sounds like you can relate!

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