4 comments on “Careful Little Lips What You Say…

  1. huh, i’m glad that, to the best of my knowledge, I don’t suffer from this, I detest having to be near to it, and I point it out, which really doesn’t help me to get what I want–beyond the ‘right’ expression, people don’t seem to like having others notice the lies. wow, disjointed, still thinking, best have a few more cups of tea!

    Also, for some reason, I love that God just IS what He has created. I do not love when people say, God takes me for what I am, as a way to tell ourselves something to feel better or as if we are trying to convince us that we are enough. I dislike this being used as a crutch for wallowing or holding onto being blind about a defect of character. I work on noticing, or not noticing so much, and THEN I get hit with my own dislike of liar stick lol. It’s HILARIOUS! I am unsure why I just shared that, it seemed urgent. (maybe like after a laxative?!) :D

  2. I struggle with that every single day.. I’m glad that God takes us as a whole.. he doesn’t re-judge us every moment of every day.. our “I love you” moment with Jesus doesn’t wear off as long as we keep trying! It seems to me that no matter how terrible a relationship breaks, as long as everyone involved keeps working on it together, things will work out… and God never falters, so as long as WE keep our eyes from wandering His patience with our stupidity is infinite :)

  3. I’m glad you qualified your statement saying, “Be hot or cold, not luke warm… say what you mean so everyone knows exactly where you stand,” by also saying we shouldn’t be rude or mean or unloving. I appreciate that entire paragraph and what follows after it. I have questioned my own love for God on occasion when I have willfully sinned. I’m so grateful He knows my frame, has compassion on me, and hasn’t cast me aside. And I’m so grateful He doesn’t lie.

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