4 comments on “What the @#%&, God?!?!

  1. I’ve been there too. Not everyone wants to admit to it! I can’t be patronising here. On top of my own sinful performance I can remember being crushed by layers of very tormenting problems. Eventually I just exploded in a kind of savage fit. There were other bad days too. I was VERY angry at life, at God Himself. This is the real world many Christians live in. What God allows isn’t pretty, but He is God.

    Even though things actually got much, much worse for me, I can also remember a time when a balance came into my life that helped to settle and purify me, and produced much better self-control. Emotional explosions have complex roots and recognised triggers and histories, but spiritually they generally they indicate too much of us and not enough of Him.

    You’ll know about Galatians 5, Ryan! God has inspired some words to draw attention to how it happens we display a deficit. Among the works (deeds, actions, behaviour) of the flesh are “outbursts of anger” or “ill-temper”. On the flip side, the fruit of the Spirit includes an even temper and self-control.

    We experience the shortfall because, quite simply, we are in the flesh too much. It’s real, it’s happening. The world will tell you it’s good to vent, but we shouldn’t accept it as in any way justified before God. Yes, Christ certainly understands our many weaknesses, but He will never approve of the flesh in our lives. This is a Romans 13:14 thing. And faith and a burning desire to know Him and His character will draw Him closer to us. When this happens the flesh retreats.

    There are many ways we can help ourselves: Trusting Him to be Who He says He is; bonding with loving believers who understand how life can be and who pray for us fervently; renewing our minds with His Truth; asking to be filled with His Holy Spirit; letting go what we have, self and our anger at the way things are; being aware of the enemy’s schemes; recognising how the world’s attitudes and standards can subtly tarnish our own…

    (Sorry for the long post. I just felt it was right to share at length.)

    • Sam, thanks for the comment, encouragement and challenge. I’m with you 100% in my head, but the side of me with a heart says that while sin is black and white, life as a flesh and blood human is often not so clear.. while anger, rage, etc are fruits of the flesh, Jesus also threw a couple of fits, overturning tables and whipping men from the temple area.. and yet we’re told he was without sin.. anger and rage, it seams to me, might not be so sinful as our pacifistic society would like us to believe.. Jesus wasn’t all fuzzy bunnies and cupcakes, sitting down to coffee and having a “dialogue” about pop-culture, he was the human embodiment of God himself, all of Gods power, wrath and love rolled up into one.. walking around with dirt under his toenails.. what I learn from his life is that not everything about my humanity is evil, God did create me with the capacity for anger and sorrow as much as love.. as I grow I see that those aspects of my being aren’t evil, they’re God-given and in need of discipline, not total suppression. An emotional breakdown at the foot of the cross isn’t what the Bible condemns as an “outburst of anger”. What would a Christian man be if he had no emotions but love? He would be no use to the Kingdom because he wouldn’t look much like Jesus. If God is big enough to create me, he’s big enough to handle me and my problems every bit as much as any dad is there for a child with a broken heart…

      • Ryan, I understand where you’re coming from here.

        In a balanced Scriptural context there’s a lot I could say about this in general, (I’m writing on it in my ‘blog’), but it may appear argumentative, or just too detached — or something like that! But we’re on the same side and aiming the same way, so that’s the main thing.

        When believers like us don’t trust themselves in any way, and draw close to Him, He will draw close to them. This past while I’ve been bleeding myself away and asking Him to fill me with His Spirit in simplicity and Truth. I’m sure you’ve a heart for that too. So here’s to better things!

        Take care.

  2. It’s a strange feeling when you KNOW God is sitting beside you.. not just in a general, theological, philosophical way that we “know” things about God, but to suddenly become aware the He is fully, actually in your car with you… I know why Jacob was so amazed when he realized he had been with God and lived! It humbles you so much to think that a being such as God would come down and look me in the eye.. just because I was talking to Him..

    P.S. Deby, Thanks for commenting! I always want to comment on your blog but I read it through an app and it doesn’t let me comment :( I’ll have to make a point to read on the computer!!

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