One comment on “I Hate Rio Vista

  1. Realizing we are on the same page – He has spoken often to me of my being so cynical. I have a very hard time not letting it ripen into bitterness and anger. I hate that we only have “18 minutes” of meat on a Sunday. When singing is “on”, I am praying the words I read. That is why I love His Word – it is my meat, my junk food, my everything. We are blessed with a Bible Study group – you are more than welcome – in our home. It has just divided up (Curt likes to say graduated) and even though it is only four of us now, it is so clear that this is His plan – that He is creating another strong “core” group. We are studying I Peter – for real. Not a time to gather and gossip, bicker, hobnob. It is a time to “chew” on His Word.

    Thanks for your words…….they are something for me to “chew” on.

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