2 comments on “Community (not the TV show)

  1. I’m with you 100%. I think there is a certain level to which we should expect people to be able to function in a “forced” community… I don’t really have a choice but to get along with everyone at work or school… families are pretty much stuck with each other for the long haul, etc. These communities usually take the most work because the people don’t necessarily have anything in common beyond the obvious… but I think where the church slips up is that we think we can arrange a community and get depth, which will simply never happen… the depth comes from the sub-groups… even in a forced community people will naturally divide up into smaller groups where the people have more in common with each other… even if it’s only one or two other people… lots to think about…

  2. I’m surprised nobody has commented on this yet, I was real curious to see what others would say. These are definitely good thoughts, and there is no trend that should go unchallenged or unevaluated in the church.

    We are all assuming that the church is supposed to be a “community” on some level… right?

    I see the same thing, there ARE different levels of community, even in one person’s life you have community, at work, at home, at the coffee shop, with the church all on different levels . Even google sees that your desired depth of communication depends on what circle(s) you put them in.

    So are you saying.. “the organization of the church should not attempt to impose community beyond the larger gatherings.”

    The other thing I see is the pendulum swinging back from “organized community” to “natural community.” When you say “Community is not intentional.” When I think our lord wants us to have intention within our community, (thinking about communion). I think about how even in my family I have to intentionally engage my wife and children. I think about my communion with God, I sometimes have to be deliberate about praying (usually after that initial forcing it is very natural).

    Here we are trying to start house churches within already established communities, not trying to build a new community to start house churches in. It is easy for a community to gather but difficult to do unintentionally do the “one another’s.”

    Do you hear what I’m saying, I don’t think Natural or “organic” means unintentional. I also think the church should not take us out of our community to put us with the community we “should” be in.

    Hate to add another incomplete thought to your incomplete thought, but I really want to hear other’s maybe more complete thoughts.

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