2 comments on “Struggle…?

  1. I am in a similar place to you, my friend. Did you wire tap my house? These are great questions and some I am currently working through as well. I need to get my hands on Piper’s book.

  2. ooo… oooo.. i love this post! (can’t you tell by how fast I read it?) :)

    My favorite part is, “I find myself accepting God’s sovereignty like a child accepting his dads rules, knowing he can’t do anything about it… instead of like a bride accepting a ring! …this is the struggle… to find joy in something i can’t comprehend… ”

    I think it’s more the former than the latter BECAUSE we really have no control over what God does, whereas we have control over whether or not we accept the ring (yes, I see your relationship to the cross, and us having to decide, but I don’t think that’s what you are talking about here. I think you are talking about the kind of acceptance)

    Finding joy (and acceptance / obedience) in what we can’t comprehend is part of what makes it so beautiful, like the love of a child. The child who accepts his father’s rules knowing he can do nothing about it, still loves his father, perhaps all the more because children need and want boundaries. I think we’re the same way. We need to know there’s a line and we can’t cross it. If there truly were no line (and no decision to make) would we still make it? Really really honestly, would you walk this path as close to Jesus’s path as possible, if God said, “take me or leave me, whatever, you’ll still get into heaven”

    Keep up the good work. I love to read your blog! :)

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