3 comments on “Subsisto Tractus

  1. You are touching more lives than you think. The people who read your posts learn from them and go out and affect others because of what you posted. Never feel less than you are. You are more than you could ever imagine!

  2. After eight years in Full-tiime professional ministery I find myself outside of that role and evaluating my thoughts about it anew.Guys, it is really tough for me not to be preaching and teaching, but the truth is, He doesn’t want me there right now. He seems to be building me a new ministry outside of the church world.Honestly, I never thought I would say that.God is good, He i not predictable and He isn’t rapt up in the Bible college alumni ministry percentages that we sometimes are.

  3. I completely know the feeling. It is kind of weird talking to people from Bible College because they all assume everyone who went to school with them is going to be doing ministry in some professional capacity. But I’m not; i’ve been working a regular job since I graduated. The only time I was a professional minister (I like to think of it as my time in the clergy), it was part-time, and I kept my regular job. God doesn’t need everyone to be a professional minister, not even everyone who goes to and graduates from bible college. Being someone who can contribute, even in small ways, to the spiritual well-being of those around him or her is accomplishing God’s purpose for their lives.

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