3 comments on “Throwing Poems

  1. “When considering what to do for the Kingdom, pick the most impossible task you can imagine, so that when you succeed there will be no question that God is powerful.” This is huge for me right now. Working through some vision stuff for our campus and I am challenged personally to attack the impossible. Go after the thing we could never accomplish and let God work through us to accomplish it. Thanks for the encouragement to never forget, our weakness is enough for God to work. Time to set some big goals.

  2. I’m left laughing a little as I imagine the possible evil Satan could unleash on us, and yet God says it’s our child-like faith that will overcome! I think of the drawings and scribbles of little kids that hang on refrigerators, and how it’s the simplicity that makes them so powerful! I imagine Satan coming to steal, kill and destroy, and Gods children reaching for the finger-paint :)

  3. I apologize to my readers for the “christian-bookstore-motivational-nonsense” theme to this post. I agree, there’s WAY too much talk about giants these days, but it’s still a fantastic metaphor for using gifts to overcome obstacles! So, please, overlook the cliche! Thanks guys!

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